The National Archive of Monuments

The National Archive of Monuments is the digital infrastructure of the Ministry of Culture and Sports for recording, documenting, managing and promoting the cultural heritage of Greece.


It consists of three Integrated Information Systems:

  1. The “Archaeological Cadastre" contains all immovable monuments protected under the articles of cultural heritage legislation. Online visitors through can search for geospatial, administrative and scientific information on 17,000 immovable monuments, 3,100 archaeological sites, 420 historical sites and 844 protection zones.
  2. The “Digital Collections of Movable Monuments” include around 700,000 movables from museums and archaeological storerooms, the product of almost two centuries of fieldwork in Greece. Around 68,000 objects of various materials, types, techniques and periods are accessible through the portal and the Europeana digital library.
  3.  The information system of the Historical Archive of Antiquities and Restorations is the digital tool for documenting the archive of the Archaeological Service, which is also under the responsibility of the Directorate for the Administration of the National Archive of Monuments. Through its web portal, researchers have access to digitized archival documents telling the fascinating story of the discovery and protection of antiquities from 1834 – the founding year of the Archaeological Service in the newly constituted state – to the present day.


The National Archive of Monuments is provided for by Article 4 of Law 4858/2021: "Monuments are recorded, documented and registered in the National Monuments Archive, which is kept at the Ministry of Culture".